6 Must Have Apps for Baby Boomers

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f you are a Baby Boomer:

1. Flashlight You’re in a dark restaurant and you can’t read the menu. Or, you are digging through your purse in search of your keys. Download this free app that utilizes the camera flash as a brilliantly handy tool.

2. Drively Hearing the beeping and ringing coming from the phone in your passenger seat can push you into grabbing the phone while you are driving. But, as studies have shown talking or texting while driving is a recipe for disaster. Download Drively that will read your text messages and emails aloud in real time and automatically responds without you, the driver touching the mobile phone.

If you are Retired from your career:

3. Eye Reader This app is will light up and magnify everything from menus, prescription labels, restaurant checks, credit card vouchers, play bills at a theater and keeps you from straining your eyes.

4. Red Laser This is a fantastic app especially if you are on a strict budget. RedLaser is a free shopping app that allows you to scan barcodes and discover if there are better prices nearby or online. It will also store all of your loyalty cards in one place (this means you can get rid of all of those barcodes hanging off of your keyring).

apps for seniors

apps for seniors

If you are a Senior Citizen:

5. Lumosity This is most highly rated brain game app on the market. It was developed by neuroscience researchers from Stanford University and UC San Francisco, Lumosity offers more than 35 games and exercises aimed at increasing alertness, sharpening memory skills and improving concentration.

6. iMutt Animals are proven to be great companions for older people, but not every one is able to keep one in their home or apartment. This game allows users to feed, play with and  walk a pretend dog. No potty training, no vacuuming dog fur just super cute fun.

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