Amazing 91 year old who slalom water skies daily

Check out this video about an amazing 91 years old woman


When you think of a 91 year old, you think of someone who is in poor health, has a passive world weary attitude and has pretty much given up on life. Edith McAllister is as far from that description as anyone could be. Edith is a bright happy person that is a joy to be around. But wait there’s more, yes she is a water skier. Not just a water skier but a slalom water skier. Edith spends every summer in port Aransas, TX and while she is there she water skies daily. Edith is a magnifisent person that wants to make the most out of her life and live it to the fullest. She inspires me every time I look at her and I hope she will inspire you too. I hope she will bring a smile to your face in this movie, Follow edith and her familly through one ski trip in this movie.

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