Laughing Makes You Live Longer [Boomerology Revealed TV #22]

The Adventures of Staying Young team are our special guests this week. Check out how these 3 boomers started a web series that make people laugh and live longer. Find out what elephants have in common with baby boomers, and an amazing project by an English school in Brazil called CNA to benefit seniors and Millennials.

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Boomerology Revealed

Boomerology Revealed is a TV show for Baby Boomers by Baby Boomers! If you were born before seat-belts, cell phones and Facebook, this show is for you! Fun facts, health information, interviews and giveaways! Each week we talk about Baby Boomers, their lifestyle, their issues and how they are helping change the world yet again! This is the perfect show for the "Me Generation," "The Prophets" or 'The Crazy ones!"

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    I found myself nodding my noggin all the way thhuogr.

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