Modernized ads target baby boomers

Here is a fantastic post at Adweek talking how the sameproduct showed 40 years ago and how they revamped to attract baby boomers. Read the full article here.

The model in this ad isn’t just wearing Oil of Olay; she’s
wearing what Prince calls “the male gaze.” At the time
(and even now), Prince said, women were often posed
the way men liked to see them. “She’s young, white and
blonde—and she looks like a mannequin.” In this context,
Prince added, Oil of Olay was simply a means to achieve
the beauty standard of the time.
ads for baby boomers













advertising for baby boomers1. Posed to regard the viewer exactly like her predecessor of 44 years ago, this model exudes a confidence the other ad lacked. “This ad is an insight to today’s woman,” Prince said, who wants to energize her skin rather than slap it with pancake makeup.

2. This quote encapsulates women’s attitudinal shift since the time of the 1970 ad. If the beauty ideal was once about covering your flaws, today it’s about embracing yourself. “It’s a very baby boomer point of view,” Prince added.
3. P&G reformulated Olay’s Regenerist line in 2013, adding a key ingredient called Olivem, which protects skin cells. And what is Olivem, you ask? It’s a derivative of … olive oil. OK, don’t tell anyone.

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